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WOVDThis is the next in the ongoing series of interviews with officials , coaches and athletes participating in the 2007 WOVD Cambodia Standing Volleyball World Cup. The CNVLD spoke to .

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Volleyball CanadaIn honour of Neil Johnson’s fantastic career and his tireless promotion of Standing Volleyball and Cambodia, the CNVLD is proud juegos de carros to host the following Media Release on both the and websites.

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GermanyThis is the next in the ongoing series of profiles of athletes , coaches and officials participating in the WOVD 2007 Cambodia Standing Volleyball World Cup. spoke to the CNVLD . In recognition of the great support shown to the CNVLD by the juegos de coches People of Germany, this profile is also in .

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2007 WOVD Cambodia World   Cup Logo All of the Official WOVD 2007 Cambodia Volleyball Standing World Cup Registration forms are now available online on the and the websites. The Official Welcoming Letter , Preliminary Registration Form, Introduction to Participants Document , Final Team Registration Form and Final Team Travel Form are all now juegos de super aventuras downloadable.

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W-O-W The Fitness CentreThrough the further efforts of Cambodian National Team Coach Christian Zepp, - a German fitness store has generously donated world standard sports training equipment. In recognition of the support shown by the People of Germany, this article is in English and German.

2007 WOVD Cambodia Volleyball World Cup